Monday, April 27, 2009

Now We Can Talk!

Finally, after almost two years and judgements supporting Queensgate Terminals from the Court of Appeals and the (unanimous) Ohio Supreme Court, the City of Cincinnati has agreed to reopen discussions with us about the project (see Enquirer article and Business Courier article).

As the articles state, all this really means is the City and Queensgate can enter into formal negotiations. As we've said from the beginning, though, we are not interested in taking money from the city - we're interested in making money for the city and its residents. This project, after all, is a $26 million development that will bring good-paying jobs to the community and generate revenue to spur West Side revitalization, all without any City money or tax incentives. This well-planned, green project makes sense because it fits with the City’s “Go Cincinnati” plan, takes advantage of transportation trends and will help the Port of Cincinnati recapture its rightful place as a key inland transportation hub.

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